RoboKitchen: Task Tree Retrieval

Platform: Python,

Evaluation of bactericidal effects of silver hydrosol nanotherapeutics against Enterococcus faecium 1449 drug resistant biofilms

Platform: Python, OpenCV, Keras, Tensorflow

Rescue BOT

Platform: Haarcacade, OpenCV, Raspberry Pi, Arduino

Heart Rate Monitoring with Emotion Detection using PPG & GSR Sensors

Platform: MATLAB, Arduino, Eagle PCB, Proteus

Vein Pattern Extraction from Dorsal Hand Vein Images

Platform: OpenCV, MATLAB

 Vehicle Classifier

Platform: Keras, OpenCV, Python GUI, ImageNet

 Four Wheeled Car Controlled by Hand Gesture

Platform: Arduino, Proteus

 Catch or DIE

Platform: Digital Logic, Proteus

 Automatic Irrigation System Using GSM

Platform: Arduino, GSM Module

 Design and Implementation of a MPPT Charge Controller for a PV System

Platform: Power Electronics, Arduino, Proteus, MATLAB Simulink

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